About Our Divine Service

About Our Divine Service


Prince of Peace is a liturgical and confessional Lutheran congregation.

Liturgical:  We follow the historic liturgy with its beautiful emphasis upon God's work for us and its   comforting  connection to the saints who have gone before. The hymnal we use is Christian Worship.
The hymnal provides us with several service formats which includes giving thanks and praise to our God
through the singing of hymns, generally 3 to four hymns per service.  The service also includes prayers,
especially the Lord's Prayer, which is said collectively in every service.

Confessional:  We take God's Word seriously and literally, believing that it is the only source for life and teaching. We believe that the Lutheran Confessions (the unaltered Book of Concord of 1580) rightly explains God's Word. Our services include the confession of faith and the confession of sins and the absolution of
forgiveness through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prince of Peace is focused upon Word and Sacrament  and Baptism Ministry

 Word: We believe that God deals with us through His Word and Sacraments. In these Means of Grace, He creates faith and strengthens faith. (Romans 10:17) Through them He pours out His gift of life and salvation. We believe that Jesus has revealed the Absolute Truth to us through his Word in the Bible. Jesus himself is revealed to us as being the very Word of God. (John 1:1) Martin Luther once said, "a man must admit that the truth is absolute and stand for it or he is against it.", that is something we all need to take to heart.

Sacrament: Holy Communion is celebreated on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. We practice closed Holy Communion, meaning it is not distributed to anyone and everyone. Scripture tells us that Holy Communion can be received to one's spiritual harm. We desire Holy Communion to always be used properly, and therefore we ask that all guests who are not a member of one of our fellowsip congregations (belonging to either the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod or the Evangelical Lutheran Synod) to please refrain from coming forward for Holy Communion.  We encourage you to speak to pastor about how to join our Holy Communion fellowship. We would love nothing better than to receive you into our fellowship! (John 6:53-54)

Baptism: We believe in infant baptism, but we welcome the baptism of anyone at any age.
We do believe baptism to be vitally important, because of the Words of Jesus in (John 3:5-7).  It is through baptism that we receive the Holy Spirit and begin our life's journey as a renewed child of God. The pastor is ready and willing to explain this miraculous gift to anyone willing to listen. Important: You do not need to be a member to be baptized at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

Prince of Peace is here to help you

We offer a no obligation "Bible 101" class wherein individuals can learn more about our beliefs and teachings at no cost. We have various resources to direct you to for more information. Pastor is always happy to talk to individuals, members or not. We are not Bible thumpers in the sense that we dwell on how bad we are as human beings, but we rather focus on the love that God has for us even though we are sinners. We have been
saved through Faith in Christ Jesus and we are here to support you in that saving Faith.